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Sterling Cuirass Commission by Saint-Walker Sterling Cuirass Commission by Saint-Walker
The second of two Equestria Divided OC character appearances I commissioned from the immensely talented ~jake-heritagu

Name: Sterling Cuirass
Race: Pegasus
House: Stormwing
Rank: Taxiarch (analogous to Colonel in other House Armies)
Cutie Mark: Crossed swords with blades shaped like lightning bolts in front of a snowflake

Sterling is a direct descendant of Snowdrop, one of the most famous Pegasi in the history of Cloudsdale, but where she shaped the ice, Sterling embraced the cold. During the rapid expansion of the Stormwing army from a few officers and soldiers Rainbow Dash realized she had a serious problem, the the royal guards available to her were lower tier officers and NCOs, fine for training grunts but she had no generals to train new officers for the ever expanding army (after Stormwing was formed several Houses began purging pegasi who they suspected of disloyalty to their regime leading to Stormwing suffering a huge influx of pegasi). To rectify that she selected a dozen peagsi from the lesser noble families of Cloudsadale and taught them herself, giving each a crash course in officer training. Some went on to train more officers and form the basis of Stormwings officer school where the most promising were rushed out into the field. Sterling was one of the first dozen and soon proved himself a capable officer and commander often getting into the thick of fights himself, earning the respect of Rainbow Dash.

Now Taxiarch Sterling is one of the more seasoned officers Stormwing has to offer, ruthless and loyal to the House as an institution rather any specific pony, including Rainbow Dash but his loyalty to the House has lead to her not considering him a threat to her position. He doesn't enjoy killing but takes satisfaction in upholding the rules and creed of the House (which may involved killing or brutality), seeing the millitary dominance of the pegasi as the best alternative to the Sisters. As such he obeys orders without fail, often taking part in executions of deserters and captured pegasi himself. He is feared and respected by his troops in equal measure, unwilling to ask them to do anything he wouldn't do himself but ruthless in dealing with those who defy and betray Stormwing
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September 9, 2013
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